Ron DeSantis Launches Will For President Tomorrow With Guest Elon Musk

By Dr. Derek Ellerman

America’s best governor, Ron DeSantis of Florida, is officially walking away with what some think is his 2024 presidential bid.

Instead of waiting for a clear path in 2028, DeSantis seems to want to be beaten by current incumbent Donald Trump.

Maybe that’s why DeSantis is pulling out the big guns — he’s reportedly announced his candidacy. and America’s best entrepreneur, Elon Musk.

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DeSantis will make his announcement Wednesday night at 6pm Eastern.

The main story, it’s Elon Musk’s role. DeSantis made the announcement in Twitter Space — which for the uninitiated is just Zoom without the video — by Musk himself.

Having Musk in his corner could be a big help for DeSantis. Besides unlimited money, there is also Twitter itself, which is a very powerful tool. Trump confirmed this in 2016.

And speaking of this, Mr. Trump did not return to Twitter, although Musk removed the ban of the former president.

Trump is still using Truth Social, his other platform that was created after the ban. Big mistake, in my opinion.

Especially since DeSantis has Musk in his corner.

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DeSantis is VERY low for Trump

The truth is, DeSantis will need Musk, and money, and any other opportunity he can get.

Because as it stands, the GOP is the party of Trump. And the ratings show.

Last month’s poll showed that Donald Trump he had a big lead over DeSantis than President Biden had with Democrat candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Honestly, it’s an embarrassing show for DeSantis, and I don’t expect it to catch on at all. Still, it should tell the DeSantis camp something.

America’s governor is taking better news as polls look to the general election.

A recent Morning Consult poll shows DeSantis trailing only three to Biden. DeSantis hasn’t even announced yet, and he’s not as national as he could be in the near future.

The same survey shows Trump dead—even with Biden.

Back to the primary, if DeSantis continues the yeoman’s work disrupting the process of progress in Florida, will undoubtedly start to gain on Trump.

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