Snowflake acquires Neeva to add AI analytics to the Data Cloud

Cloud containers database company Snowflake On Wednesday it said it was buying Neeva, a Mountain View, California-based startup, for an undisclosed amount in an effort to add AI-based search to its portfolio. Data Cloud platform.

“Snowflake is acquiring Neeva, a search company founded to make search smarter. Neeva has created a unique and flexible search engine that delivers value. generative AI and new features to allow users to query and access data in new ways,” Snowflake Co-founder Benoit Dageville said. blog post.

“Search is critical to the way businesses interact with data, and search is evolving rapidly with new ideas emerging in how we search and find information, with the help of artificial intelligence. The ability of teams to find the right place for data, data assets, or data insights is critical to there should be a need for data,” added Dageville.

Snowflake has been on sale recently, with a the company acquiring LeapYear in February to improve his cleaning skills.

LeapYear’s acquisition came a month after Snowflake agreed to a buyout Developer of time-based predictive technology Myst AItaking the company’s growth to seven companies in three years.

In August 2022 it bought a document analysis platform from AI Applica, based in Poland, to help businesses deal with unstructured data.

Other acquisitions included Streamlit (March 2022), Polish software company Pragmatists (January 2022), Polish digital product studio Polidea (February 2021), and an anonymous Canadian company CryptoNumerics (July 2020).

Neeva, which has raised more than $77 million to date from companies such as Greylock and Sequoia, was founded in 2019 by Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan.

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