Solana Labs adds Chat-GPT plugin for blockchain

Now you can use ChatGPT to search Solana.

The Solana Foundation, which supports blockchain, put together an additional program this week with a focus on NFTs, a role Solana is playing. increasing responsibility. Chatbot, available download on Githubrather than being used to search and buy NFTs, it can facilitate the transfer of tokens and reduce the complexity associated with crypto transactions, according to a words released on Tuesday.

“Any consumer-facing software developer should think about how their software will be integrated using the AI โ€‹โ€‹model because this is a new way of telling computers what to do,” Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of Solana and Solana Labs CEO, said in a statement. “AI will make Solana easier to use and more intuitive.”

Solana’s expansion program has been teased since April, also in Bloomberg interview earlier this month, co-founder Raj Gokal said it should feel like an assistant.

“This is another step to make it easier to connect with the chain and feel like you’re talking to a consultant or pilot who is helping you navigate the chain and its products,” he said.

Instead of scanning through long documents and complicated transactions, the plugin allows users to ask questions about which NFTs they can buy with SOL tokens in their account, TechCrunch said. report.

“We believe that the blockchain space is a very creative process,” Tal Tchwella, Solana Labs’ head of products, told the lender.

This plugin aims to make blockchain accessible to ordinary users, but downloading it from Github may be a barrier to reaching a wider audience.

Solana has recently raised his ambition after taking a big hit in 2022 thanks to his relationship with Sam Bankman-Fried. Gokal he said Chance earlier this month that the FTX meltdown was “in the rearview mirror,” and that Solana’s environment is improving in part because of upcoming jobs and projects.

Gokal told Bloomberg that blockchain is “still in the early stages,” with its integration of AI, but the Solana Foundation is trying to accelerate this by investing in development projects.

The Solana Foundation announced on Tuesday that it has increased its funding program for AI education to $10 million from the $1 million previously announced. The program has already received about 50 applications, with potential recipients being awarded $5,000 to $25,000.

SOL, a native blockchain cryptocurrency, traded up nearly 2% to $20 on Tuesday afternoon. Cryptocurrency has doubled since Jan. 1, more than Bitcoin and Ether, which have increased by 64% and 54% during the same period, respectively.

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