The best iPhone cases of 2023

There are two types of people in this world: those who have naked iPhones and those who stick their hands in the case as soon as they open it. If you just got a new iPhone and fall into the latter category, you have a few options to consider. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole, searching for iPhone cases from companies you’ve never heard of on Amazon. You may be tempted to find one of the cheapest cases available, or one with the most expensive features or card holder, but they may not be the best iPhone cases for your needs. We tested several of the latest brands, covers and shutters to find the top picks that are truly worth your money.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Magfit

If you want a basic, protective case that comes at an affordable price, Spigen you have covered. The company The Ultra Hybrid MagFit cases are clear show off your iPhone model and we love their bezels that protect the rear camera. The case also has smart buttons on the side that make it easy to hear and adjust the volume of your phone without looking. The small profile of the polycarbonate case allows it to protect your iPhone without adding too much bulk, and it’s MagSafe compatible as well. Also, the Ultra Hybrid case was one of the most secure we tried – until it was difficult to remove the iPhone when we needed to test a new cover. And although they go for about $45, you can find them on sale for $25 to $30.

Smartish Gripmunk

We have made it Wise cases in the past because of their artistic design, but we like it a lot Gripmunk series for the latest iPhones. These thin cases are more rugged than Spigen’s, in fact – Gripmunk’s covers have edges that make them easy to hold and don’t fall out of your hands, while the back of the case shows off a beautiful design and design like. flower colors, celestial events and more. There are also a number of solid color options, if you want to go the True Basic route (without shame), and the cases are also MagSafe compatible. If you are small and do not want to carry a lot on your person, you can leave your bag with a spring. Smartish’s Wallet Slayer which has the same edge as the hands on the back. This wallet can hold three credit cards and a few bills.

Case-Mate Blox

If you’re looking for a bold, eye-catching bag with a lot of personality, Case-Mate they have tons of great options for you to consider. His iPhone 14 lineup has glitter, floral covers and everything in between, but what really bothers me is Blox line. These cases have squared corners that give your iPhone a modern, closed look. Combine this with their bright neon colors and you won’t have to ask your friends where your phone is anymore – you won’t miss it. I’m also thankful that Blox cases are fingerprint-resistant, 10-foot drop resistant and have MagSafe magnets.

I’m starting with Organic

You have more options today than ever before if you want an environmentally friendly cell phone. Start the Organicore line is one of our favorites because its high-quality cases are 100 percent made of compost, offer good protection and the latest models are MagSafe compatible, too. They come in both clear and opaque designs, and the latter has a buttery texture that makes the case stand out more than you might imagine. Organicore cases will protect your iPhone from drops up to eight feet, and its edges will be the first line of defense your phone has against accidental cracks and bumps. The MagSafe hardware works well, but we found the invisibility issue to be less severe than the ones we tested. Better stick to wireless chargers like Apple’sinstead of a vertical magnetic field that gravity can replace.

Cyril Kayuk Mag

Cyril He makes several beautiful cases and new ones Kayak Mag it’s the same. It is one of the thinnest and lightest cases we tested, but it has four protective layers: a soft microfiber strap, a hard PC back, TPU bumpers and a vegan leather exterior. Since the company does not boast a certain level of drop protection, this small case is a good option for those who care about beauty and design, and want a simple, protective layer between the iPhone and hard concrete. As the name suggests, you can use the Kajuk Mag with MagSafe accessories, and it also has a design hole, for those who want to attach charms, cables and other things.

Peak Design Daily Case

The Daily Case of Peak Design not only do they look great, but they transform your phone into a whole bunch of different things when you combine it with anything else in the company’s mobile market. We love its protective rubberized shell and nylon shell, and its SlimLink connector sits in the center of the case, waiting for whatever you need that day. This company’s tripods are one of our favorites for taking great photos with your phone, and for supporting any technique you need. Drivers can choose a mount on the dashboard so that their phone can reach you while you’re driving, or ride a bike when you want to follow directions on their screen. If you use your phone for everything and want a case that can support a variety of situations, this is a great option.

Pelican Shield Kevlar

Maybe you work in the outdoors, you go camping often or you’re just a little more adventurous than most. Some of the best protection you can get for your iPhone comes from Pelican Shield Kevlar News. It’s legit, but that’s how they protect your phone from up to 21-foot drops. The raised 5mm bumper provides incredible protection for the rear camera lens and the entire phone, plus the protective edge and dustproof cover keep all the unwanted debris away. In addition, these hard cases are MagSafe compatible, so you don’t have to compromise when choosing as much protection as possible.

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