The NBA Says They Are Discussing A Possible Penalty

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Throughout this period NBA In the playoffs this year, attention has been drawn to the fact that the players are still in turmoil, and the league has not done what it promised to pay players for flops.

Fines are a weak way to police the NBA, and the league may know this, as Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that flops could lead to foul play, and a crime that could happen during the game. Summer League in July.

Of all the stupid rules that have changed over the past few years, this one is the smartest and can make the most difference, especially during NBA playoffs when every play counts.

Charging millions of flops later didn’t do much except expose the players who were said to be floppers, which didn’t do much.

However, an immediate penalty on the ground that could change the outcome of the game can lead to players reaching the field to make a call.

The real question is whether the flops will be reassessed at this point and whether it will take a coach’s challenge to do so.

Regardless of how this is used, this seems like a step in the right direction for the NBA and something that will cause a lot of discussion next season if it becomes a rule and something that is used regularly to stop shaking in the league.

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