The Pittsburgh Steelers want to play regular season games in Ireland after being granted the right to advertise | NFL news

The Pittsburgh Steelers were awarded the rights to advertise in Ireland and Northern Ireland this week as part of the NFL’s International Home Marketing Areas initiative; The Steelers have a long relationship with Ireland courtesy of the Rooney family.

Last Updated: 25/05/23 10:23pm

The Pittsburgh Steelers returned to Croke Park. Pictured is Steelers director of Business Development & Strategy Daniel Rooney

The Pittsburgh Steelers have long-term plans to play regular season NFL games in Ireland, the team said Thursday during a trip to celebrate its longstanding relationship with the Emerald Isle.

The Steelers arrived in Dublin days after the NFL granted the team advertising rights in Ireland and Northern Ireland, all of which allowed the league to expand its global audience.

“Our long-term ambition is to play in Ireland,” said Daniel Rooney, director of Business Development and Strategy. “As we go through the process, we will be evaluating all of our options.”

Ireland has never had an NFL regular season game, but the Steelers beat the Chicago Bears 30-17 in a preseason game at Croke Park in 1997.

Croke Park, the home of the Gaelic Athletic Association, has 82,300 and could be the venue for any future Steelers game.

GAA president Larry McCarthy joined Rooney at a press conference in Croke Park and said the association was “delighted to join forces with [the Rooneys] he’s a well-known name in the Steelers.”

Brett Gosper, the NFL’s head of UK and Europe, was also there and called the Steelers and Ireland “very good.”

‚ÄúThere is a lot of connection, obviously a family legacy [and] the Steelers preparing for their first and only game – so far – in Ireland,” he said.

The late Daniel M. Rooney was the US Ambassador to Ireland from 2009-2012.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who play in London every year, were also given the rights to advertise in Ireland.

The program is designed to help individual teams build their brand overseas through marketing and fan engagement just like they do in their home markets. Rights are granted by the league for at least five years.

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