The second Apple Pencil is also on sale for $85

The second Apple Pencil is one of the around, especially for those who do creative work or like to take notes on their tablet. Best of all, it’s also for sale. You can . This matches a record low and is $44 in regular price.


The pen has a dual interface that allows you to quickly switch between devices. Low latency is also helpful, especially if you’re trying to capture an idea quickly. Other functions include tilting and pressure sensitivity. If you have , you will also be able to use the Hover feature. This allows you to hold the Pencil over the screen and see a preview of what will happen before you edit your design or document by touching the display with the pen.

Being able to securely attach the Apple Pencil to the side of your tablet is a nice touch and a great way to charge – you won’t have to run around with another washing line. Most importantly, before you buy a derivative, make sure it’s genuine .

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