Trump’s Reaction to DeSantis’ Failure to Implement Boasting of His Big ‘Red Button’

The Republican Party has very good candidates.

On Wednesday night, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis tried to launch his campaign on Elon Musk’s right-wing Twitter account to a massive failure, prompting front-runner Donald Trump to boast that his red button is bigger than DeSantis’, which it is not. work, according to Kim Jong Un.

Former President Donald Trump reacted to Ron DeSantis’ rocky campaign launch by writing that his “Red Button” is “big, good, strong and working” and “yours doesn’t work!” on “Trump’s talks with Kim Jung Un, of North Korea, soon to be my friend!”

On his social media account, Trump wrote:

“Rob,” My Red Button is bigger, better, stronger, and works (OF COURSE!), yours doesn’t! (for my talks with Kim Jung Un, from North Korea, soon to be my friend!).

We can only hope that this was a phallic reference and not a nuclear one. We can’t be sure with Donald Trump, as he continues to say outrageous things that are not part of the public political discourse.

This was followed a few minutes ago by a video of Space X exploding as it crashed, with “Ron 2024” above it:

The DeSantis installation was a terrible failure, from not working in the first part (with “Failed to install” and “DeSaster” going on) to when it went live and became… all about Elon and Twitter.

Sure enough, DeSantis got into his fists and all the white brothers laughed at the “elites” (the launch, soon after, was done by the second richest man in the world, on the television he owns) and the “media. bubble” that does not understand how DeSantis thinks that it belongs to black people (not kidding).

Trump supporters are already attacking DeSantis on Twitter, with “Sorry, Ron” trending.

As we slowly recover from this mess, Donald Trump is bragging about his red button and saying that North Korea’s Kim Jong-un knows that DeSantis’ red button doesn’t work and that the dictator will soon be Trump’s friend. So that’s good for America.

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