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Be prepared to pay a small fee to watch live viewers without being interrupted by ads. Twitch’s ad-free subscription plan Turbo is raising its price, jumping from $9 to $12 a month in the US. Twitch has not issued any updates or updates to accommodate these price increases. The monthly price of Turbo is growing worldwide, updated prices for your country.

Current Turbo subscribers were notified of the price change via email sent Thursday, but there’s good news for longtime users. Some countries offer a lower monthly fee, even if you have to cancel and re-register. Also, current users get a three-month grace period until they are forced to switch to the new price. New subscribers do not get such a grace period.

The big increase comes after Amazon-owned Twitch got a new CEO and laid off about 400 employees as part of the entire parent company. While no new features were announced along with the price increase, Twitch announced that updates “are on the way to make Turbo even better and more relevant.” Look for more “in the coming months.”

Turbo’s main hook is the ad-free experience across the entire Twitch platform, but it also offers other small features, such as emojis, chat login colors and booking. The revised pricing model starts today.

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