Twitter reacts to Linus Tech’s instructions to build a $100,000 PC for Karl Jacobs

Popular tech advice YouTuber Linus Tech Advice recently released a video showing off a $100,000 custom PC for popular developer Karl Jacobs to play Minecraft on. Linus and his team are known for their technical commentary and knowledge around the PC house, and the over-the-top computer installation has produced a number of comments from the media, many pointing out how unnecessary it all is.

Karl Jacobs has become a major Minecraft player in recent years, drawing thousands of people to his Twitch channel, which currently has 3.7 million followers. He is very popular as part of the MrBeast YouTube group, which makes him very popular on the internet. It looks like Karl is going the MrBeast route, having ordered a $100K PC to play Minecraft.

Fans were impressed by the huge price tag, and many are wondering how much FPS the streamer will get in the game, with a Twitter user joking that they will get 10,000 because of the expensive parts.

“Bro wants to be the first person to achieve 10k+ FPS on Minecraft…”

Linus Tech Tips $100,000 computer for Karl Jacobs to play Minecraft professionally with about $5,000 worth of PC parts.

Viewers a Linus Tech Tips they will know that the YouTuber himself is a great supporter of build-your-own-computers because of how expensive they can be. And the 100K computers built by the group speak differently, but apparently it’s a one-off. However, some in the tech industry have taken a bigger chance.

Although it is smart to make, thinking about one important PC is not a trivial task, and as it turns out, the actual parts of the computer, for example, CPU, GPU, motherboard, and all that, took only a fraction of the price. At the beginning of the video Linus Tech Tips clearly announced that even if they found all the high-quality components to use on the machine, it only cost $5,000 to buy all the main components for Karl Jacobs’s Minecraft PC.

“We just picked up the fastest gaming rig available. Core i9- 13900KS, RTX 4090, 64 Gigs of DDR5 memory, and a premium Z790 motherboard from EVGA. All for $5,000.”


Time stamp 2:03

This is only one fifth of the budget that has been set. For those wondering how Linus Tech Advisors managed to reach their $100,000 goal, they painstakingly built a custom-made glass desk to house an entire PC. Construction of a durable aluminum container with the initials of Karl Jacobs‘ YouTube’s approach to hosting the entire computer is where most of the money went.

The whole point of a very expensive PC is to make people talk, like Minecraft, even the RTX version, doesn’t need a lot of horses behind the cabinet to run very fast. And that bit has apparently worked well, with a video on the Linus Tech Tips channel crossing 1.5 million views within a day of being uploaded. Karl Jacobs has yet to comment and is expected to reveal the computer in the coming days.

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