Twitter says startups can ‘experiment’ with its data for $5,000 a month

Twitter’s API roller coaster under Elon Musk continues. The company he announced the new “Pro” section for builders today. At $5,000 per month, it falls in the middle of the $100/month Enterprise Plan price range.

The new Twitter API Pro system provides monthly access to a million tweets returned and 300,000 tweets sent at the program level. It also includes the ability to limit access to real-time filtered streams (access to tweets based on specified parameters) and full history search. Finally, it adds three app IDs and logs in with Twitter.

However, $5,000/mo. prices for companies that want to “experiment, build, and expand [their] business” leaves a big difference between it and $ 100 / mo. the basic plan, the next step down. The latter only provides a small part of the access available in the Pro plan, leaving small businesses to choose between a level that will not provide enough $ 100 per month is a $5,000 investment that goes beyond the initial investment.

Some users expressed their belief that the limit was too tight for the price. “Great, but you’ve already killed a lot of Twitter apps by now,” said Birdy developer Maxime Dupré. he answered to the announcement on Twitter. “And 5K is still too much for most of us. A 1K plan might make sense… Prices won’t do much for researchers, who the platform has been trying to charge thousands of dollars for access to.”

Twitter’s recent API changes have created a bumpy ride for developers who still want to access the company’s information. First, the company is good killed many third-party clients in January before quietly changing his voice to reflect the change. Then, it announced in February that it was ending free API access, only delaying the move after it goes viral I promise that the new read-only version of the free version will remain available for “trial” purposes. (The old version of the free API was completely cut in April, even by Twitter restart it of emergency services in May.) The platform crashed the first three parts of the API (free, basic and enterprise) in March before adding the current $5,000 pro level. However, as the company has already alienated many manufacturers who relied on its platform, it remains to be seen how it will attract new customers – especially small projects – in the new cutting system.

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