US Officials Reveal Ukraine May Be Behind Kremlin Drone Assassination Attempt

Earlier this month, drones flew into the Kremlin loaded with explosives in a daring attack on Russia’s heavily fortified base. The photos shocked the world, including the Russians, and like everything about Russia, accusations began to fly.

Was it the Russians who flew drones over their beloved Kremlin in an attempt to mislead? Was it the Ukrainians bravely and courageously trying to get rid of their #1 enemy?

Or was it the unhappy people of Russia who wanted to overthrow their tyrannical leader who dragged them into a war they did not want to start? Don’t worry; the mystery seems to have been solved thanks to the usual group of unnamed US law enforcement officials who want to spill the beans to the closest and most eager journalists.

It was Ukraine, Duh

On May 3rd, two drones flew into the Kremlin in what appeared to be an attempt to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin. This week unnamed US intelligence officials told reporters that they intercepted Ukrainian communications where Ukrainian officials discussed their belief that their military was behind the drone attacks but without the direct supervision of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy or his top officials. (Good, eh?)

Maybe I’ve read too many Tom Clancy books, but it seems to me that’s what you want the United States to believe, and if you know (which I’m sure they do) that the US is listening, you can paint this picture so that it spreads far and wide… which is what the US intelligence community seems to be trying to do. The same unnamed US officials said they believed the drones were from the Ukrainian special forces.

It’s hard to get solid intelligence from Ukraine because they are rightly afraid of anything they tell us could go to Russia. However, the US believes that President Zelenskyy and his top aides have a way to protect their legitimate opposition. Basically he gave his hidden parts with wide range and allowed them to do as they want.

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This is a smart move to counter concerns that the Biden administration says that Ukraine could take the war too far, and escalate the conflict into a global issue. However, it does little to please the Russian people.

Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov he explains:

“We said at the same time that the government of Kyiv is behind this. In the end, it does not make much difference which parts of the government of Kyiv are behind them.”

It’s Band Them Always

The same unnamed officials pushing for The New York Times and anyone else who would listen said the US government believed Ukraine was responsible for some of the violence since the war began.

This includes:

  • The murder of Russia’s daughter
  • The murder of the official Russian blogger
  • Attacks on Russian towns near the Ukrainian border

The border attacks are recent, with two pro-Ukraine groups taking credit; ‘The Russian Volunteer Corps’ and ‘Free Russian Legion.’ Interesting and photos from the attack, pro-Ukraine groups were to use Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles supplied to Ukraine by, you guessed it… the United States government.

Adding insult to injury, photos show that Russian soldiers have confiscated two of our MRAP vehicles and painted them with Russian insignia. Doesn’t look good in the US, but I guess the US government doesn’t care.

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State Department spokesman Matthew Miller he said of the images that the US “did not encourage or authorize strikes inside Russia, and we have made that clear.”


“But we have also said that it is up to Ukraine to decide how to fight this war.”

So all is well; the US government is fine with our weapons being used on the Russian border and captured by the enemy – after all, we’ve been fine for years in other conflicts. So why would this be different?

Competing Articles

Recent revelations by the US intelligence system have not stopped critics from arguing that there is no possibility that Ukraine was behind this, that naturally, the Russians attacked their stronghold.

Former Defense Intelligence Agency official Rebekah Koffler blew the whistle, to say:

“I stand by my assessment that the drone strikes – just like the industrial action targeting Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline – were a false flag operation by the Putin government.”

Those sneaky Russians…they really like attacking themselves, don’t they?

Mrs. Koffler goes on to say:

“Ukraine alone without foreign aid cannot support this project.”

It’s interesting to me how the story jumps back and forth between crying out for wisdom and bravery of the Ukrainian military and saying that they can’t do anything important without the help of their Western ally.

RAND military analyst Dara Massicot reading materials:

“Seeing the Kremlin’s response shows to me that this was an embarrassment and a shock to them, not a deliberate false flag.”

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Ukraine is well known for its love of symbolic warfare such as:

  • Spirit of Kyiv
  • Attack on Snake Island
  • The Ukrainian dog received a military medal

The idea that these two drones aren’t designed to be successful in their killing spree isn’t a big leap. The sight of two drones being flown with impunity over the Kremlin is a clear sign of the Ukrainian war.

Don’t be afraid of anything

The Biden administration appears to be pulling back on giving Ukraine bigger and better weapons, saying it fears escalation. Therefore, we would not want Russia to see our involvement as a reason to use its nuclear weapons or attack other neighboring countries…

Each time Mr. Biden has been pressured by other countries to give Ukraine the weapons it requested. First, they were tanks, and now they are American warplanes.

Last Friday, President Biden agreed to allow allies to transfer American F-16s to Ukraine and promised to train Ukrainian pilots on the runway. But, of course, all this was done after Zelenskyy pinky promised that he will not use military aircraft in the airspace of Russia but for the defense of Ukraine.

With the US believing that Ukraine is the cause of the violence that has occurred on Russian soil and in Russian airspace, it is difficult to believe that our government is concerned about rising and being fair, until now, Russia has to escalate the war – maybe maybe. there is nothing to fear – except another eternal war. Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl he said it would take 18 to 24 months to train Ukrainian pilots to fly the F-16.

This puts the war well into 2025. Good news for defense contractors, Zelenskyy, and Ukrainian flag-wearing politicians and activists – bad news for Ukrainian and Russian citizens caught in the crosshairs.

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