What are Altaria’s best moves in Pokemon GO?

In Pokemon GO, Altaria is Swablu’s first and last evolution, although the creature can use Mega Evolution to greatly improve its fighting abilities. As a Dragon/Flying-type Pocket Monster, it has a similar mix of Dragonite and high defensive stats that make it valuable in PvP arenas, especially in Great and Ultra Leagues.

However, Altaria has limited functionality in PvE environments such as raids, physical and defensive attacks, and Team GO Rocket battles. However, if trainers plan to use the creature in combat, they may want to increase its movement in combat.


This sounds like a straightforward idea, but is that what benefits Altaria the most in Pokemon GO?

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Optimizing the proper movement of Altaria in Pokemon GO’s PvE and PvP environments


Like the Flying/Dragon types in Pokemon GO, Altaria naturally benefits from using the same type of moves. Thanks to the Same Damage Bonus (STAB), Altaria’s use of moves that are similar to her base types increases this, which is important to consider when going. creating a moveset about that.

However, Dragon and Flying type moves will not count against every enemy the player encounters. Altaria will want to differentiate its tactics, depending on the type of battles it is engaged in.

In PvE fights, Altaria benefits greatly by sticking to her Dragon and Flying moves. However, his Fairy-type luck attack can also make it different and the ability to do better against enemies in gyms and attacks.

Meanwhile, the spread of opponents Altaria can face in Pokemon GO PvP forces her to reach deeper into her style and create her own set to deal with different types of matchups.


Here are the official directions for Altaria in Pokemon GO:

  • PvE – Peck with Sky Attack, Dragon Breath with Dragon Pulse, or Dragon Breath with Dazzling Gleam
  • PvP – Dragon Breath, Sky Attack, and Dragon Pulse or Moonblast

With the movesets mentioned above, Altaria will benefit from STAB, due to the presence of her Flying and Dragon moves, when she starts fighting against Fairy types such as Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast (when it is appropriate to do so depending on the type of enemy).

Altaria can lean towards Dragon/Flying type moves in Pokemon GO PvE as trainers like to know their opponent in advance. However, PvP is unpredictable, which makes Fairy-type attacks useful for maintenance type Learning and deal heavy damage to Dark, Dragon, and War type enemies.


While these moves are considered good at times, players need to be flexible and adaptable in battle to adapt to the changing PvE and PvP meta.

If the movesets mentioned above are not successful, trainers should not be shy to change their moves and strategies to see if any other combination will benefit Altaria in Rising Heroes season and its coping mechanisms. New meta options are coming all the time, and Altaria will need better ways to solve them before they become a problem in battle.

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