What is Peloton Gym, how do I get it and how much does it cost?

Peloton has long been a popular club, and while it has thousands of members, it doesn’t have a reputation for being cheap. The company announced a relaunch in May 2023, which not only introduced different levels of membership – including free – but a feature called Peloton Gym.


Here’s everything you need to know about Peloton Gym, including how it works, what it offers, how you earn it and how much it costs.


Peloton Bike +

The Peloton Bike and Bike+ are premium pieces that come with premium price tags. If you have the space, have an initial purchase price and an ongoing monthly fee, then these are the perfect pieces of equipment to build into your fitness routine that give you a unique advantage.

What is Peloton Gym?

Peloton Gym is a feature offered within the Peloton program and includes step-by-step exercise plans developed by Peloton instructors and designed for use in the gym. Exercise plans are not just videos – they offer something different what the company is known for – instead provide a whiteboard, circular exercise plans with explanations and short videos to show the movements and make it easy for you to do them anywhere.

Peloton Gym workouts include equipment that you would find at any gym, such as dumbbells and weight machines, for example. The idea is that you can use the Peloton Gym unit at the gym – or wherever you like and have the necessary equipment – to complete a workout at your own pace.

How does Peloton Gym work?

The Peloton Gym feature is available within the Peloton program, and like other Peloton systems, you will see a list of options, which contain the name of the gym, time, coach and content, such as four blocks and 10 steps For example.

Once you click on a particular workout, there are three tabs at the top of your screen: overview, workout schedule and physical activity. A brief will tell you what equipment you need, as well as suggestions, such as resting 90 seconds between sets. You’ll also see moves within the system, like the Hip Bridge, and when you click, you’ll be able to watch a video showing you how to move it if you want a demonstration.

The Workout Plan tab also provides a breakdown of the workout, explaining the step-by-step process. The Body Activity tab, meanwhile, will show you the muscles you’ll be using during your chosen workout. It will also consider any workouts you’ve done through Peloton in the past. It’s a great resource, and it’s helpful in helping you choose the right exercise for you to do each week.

Once you start a workout through Peloton Gym, a timer will appear at the top of your screen and pause and pause. The exercises you choose will be detailed below and you can move to complete each cycle. Metrics such as your heart rate, heart rate, and Strive Score will appear below the workout time if you have a heart rate monitor connected to your device, or Apple Watch For example.

How can I find a Peloton Gym?

As mentioned, Peloton Gym is available through the Peloton app, which is available on iOS and Android devices. It was rolled out from 23rd May 2023 so you need to make sure you have the latest Peloton app downloaded on your device to get the Gym feature.

When you download the Peloton app, you should go to the Workouts tab at the bottom of your screen in the middle. You will see Gym at the top alongside Strength, Meditation, Cycling, Stretching and other exercises at the top of the app.

From here, you’ll see a list of available Peloton Gym workouts.

Peloton Bike - Tag-1

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Peloton Bike

The original Peloton bike is now much cheaper than when it was first launched, offering a great platform with thousands of miles. There is a beautiful large 21.5-inch display, it is easy to use and it is a very good device, especially for its low price.

How much does Peloton Gym cost?

Peloton now has three tiers of membership for its app which consists of Peloton App Free, Peloton App One and Peloton App+. The Peloton Gym feature is available for all three membership tiers so it’s free if you choose the Peloton App Free tier.

The Peloton App Free tier provides a taste of what Peloton has to offer in its entirety. There are more than 50 classes included in Peloton’s 12 categories, such as Strength, Cycling and Yoga. It also includes a rotating set of classes that are constantly refreshed.

Peloton App One tier costs money $12.99 per month in the US and £12.99 per month in the UK or $/£129 per year. It offers unlimited access to thousands of classes in nine of Peloton’s 16 disciplines, including Strength, Meditation, Walking, Yoga. You can also take 3 equipment based cardio classes (Bike/Tread/Row) per month.

Peloton App+ is expensive $24/£24 per month or $240/£240 per year. It provides unlimited access to the entire Peloton library of classes, though not necessarily Working hours or Scenic classes. It also offers access to thousands of cardio equipment-based classes so you can take the indoor bike, treadmill, or rowing too.

The Peloton Gym feature is also available to two other members offered by Peloton including the All Access membership and the Guide membership. You can See more about Peloton’s membership options on its website.

For those with a Peloton Digital membership, the price change will take effect on December 5, 2023.

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