Who is running for US President in 2024

US Sen. Tim Scott on Friday became the latest Republican to jump into the 2024 presidential race, joining Donald Trump and others in a growing list of Republicans and minority Democrats seeking to unseat President Joe Biden.

An announcement from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected on Wednesday.

Here is a list of the announced 2024 hopefuls from both teams.

The Republican Party

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been the frontrunner in the Republican race since announcing his candidacy last year, despite many legislative issues. (Charles Krupa/The Associated Press)

Trump announced his election campaign last November, although he was criticized by his own party for supporting those who succeeded in 2022. He has been leading since then, with a strong hold on his base. The 76-year-old former president boosted his re-election chances after being accused of paying money to a porn star. At the same time, he is unpopular with most of the US electorate.

Nikki Haley

A woman is shown standing and speaking into a microphone.
Nikki Haley showed her youth and diversity in the race against Biden and Trump. (Ryan Collard/The Associated Press)

A former South Carolina governor and Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, Haley, 51, emphasized her youth in comparison to Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump and her background as the daughter of two immigrants from India. He is well-known in the Republican Party as a hard-line fighter who has positioned himself as a defender of America’s interests abroad.

Tim Scott

A man in a blue shirt holds a microphone while speaking at a political rally.
Sen. Tim Scott announced his decision in May. (Meg Kinnard/The Associated Press)

The only black Republican leader in the United States announced his candidacy on May 22. Scott, 57, has little name outside of South Carolina, but his optimism and focus on uniting his divided party have helped him to distinguish himself from the bitter path. . some of his enemies. Scott’s supporters, however, agree that despite his sunny outlook and sales pitch, it may not be enough to defeat the frontrunners.

Asa Hutchinson

A white-haired man in a blue suit is speaking into a microphone
Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has called on Trump to step down and face his charges. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

The former Arkansas governor launched his petition to the White House in April and called on Trump to step down to face the allegations against him. Hutchinson, 72, pointed to his experience leading a conservative state as proof he can pursue policies Republican voters care about, citing his record on tax cuts and job creation initiatives as other points of pride. However, his name recognition remains limited outside of Arkansas.

Larry the Elder

A man with short black hair and a black suit speaks into a microphone
Larry Elder is making a long-term bid for the Republican nomination. (Eduardo Munoz/Reuters)

The underachieving radio host had a poor run in California’s recall election against Gavin Newsom. The elder, 71 years old, announced that he will stand on Tucker Carlson’s show that has now been removed from Fox News, and wrote, “America is declining, but this decline is inevitable. We can enter a new American Golden Age, but we must choose a leader who can bring us there.”

Vivek Ramaswamy

A dark-haired man wearing a black jacket and red tie is speaking into a loudspeaker
Vivek Ramaswamy is a political outsider who entered the Republican race. (REUTERS)

A former biotechnology investor and CEO, Ramaswamy, 37, founded the company in 2022 to force companies to abandon their environmental, social and corporate policies. He announced in February that he is running for the Republican nomination. A political outsider remains a long-term advocate.

The Democratic Party

Joe Biden

A white-haired man in a blue suit, sitting in front of a United States flag
Joe Biden is the oldest US President. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

US President Joe Biden announced that he will run again on April 25, four years to the day he announced his candidacy for the 2020 election. American democracy.

Marianne Williamson

A woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a light blue jacket speaks into a microphone
Marianne Williamson is making her second run for the Democratic nomination. (Meg Kinnard/The Associated Press)

The best-selling author and self-help author launched his second, long-term bid for the White House on March 23. He ran as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential race but dropped out of the race before all the votes were cast.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

A man in a black suit is gesticulating as he speaks, with people sitting behind him
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. he is considered the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination. (Brian Snyder/Reuters)

A staunch anti-vaccine activist, Kennedy, 69, is also seeking the Democratic nomination. He is the son of Senator Robert F. Kennedy of the United States, who was assassinated in 1968 during his presidential bid. Kennedy was banned from YouTube and Instagram for spreading false information about vaccines and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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