Whoopi Goldberg Says American Idol Caused “Society’s Downfall,” Seems Hard

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Even when it gets him in trouble with his boss.

And even when it doesn’t make sense to most rational people.

Allow us to explain…


Speaking earlier this week on The View, the actress and long-time host took a hard look at American Idol, a reality TV competition that previously aired on Fox and is now airing on ABC, the same network as previously reported.

“We as a group like to watch things to judge people.

“I always thought the beginning of the downfall of humanity was – what’s the name of that show?” Goldberg asked on air, calling for help from a browser developer.

“ABC’s American Idol?” the producer responded, stressing the network to Goldberg as a vague idea.

Which he did no to take.

Whoopi Goldberg Is Back!

“It wasn’t always on ABC,” Goldberg said. “When it started, it was on another network.”

Then he reached his place.

“When we gave people the power to judge other people, I think we got embarrassed, and it went away,” Whoopi said.

“He asked the people to choose that person. When we did that, it started going around us. “

Whoopi Goldberg on The View
Whoopi Goldberg said some messed up the Holocaust stuff in early 2022. She was suspended from The View because of it. (ABC)

Back then, viewers were thrilled to see Simon Cowell rip off his rival.

But we’re sure that judgment existed long before American Idol.

“When I watched it, ABC didn’t have it,” Goldberg went on to say in an attempt to defend his network.

“They have it now, it’s a different show. It’s a very different show. The judges are different. It changed.

“ABC knows I feel this way. I’ve told them. It’s nothing to do with them.”

Victim of Whoopi Goldberg

Goldberg has been making headlines for his unusual appearance on The View.

In February 2022, he was suspended after making a statement The Holocaust had nothing to do with race.

“I said something that I feel I have a responsibility to not leave without thinking because my words angered many people, which was not my intention,” he said after returning to the program.

“And I understand why now, and that’s why I’m so grateful because the knowledge I got was very useful and helped me understand other things.”

Holocaust”and “It’s really about race, because Hitler and the Nazis saw Jews as inferior,” Goldberg continued Its suspension is ABC.

“Now, words are important and mine is no exception. I regret my comments as I said and I am correcting them.”

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