Why are fans stomping Bronny James’ date, Peyton Gulfso? Supporters on social media are facing negative comments after the incident

Bronny James, the son of the famous LeBron James, and his famous date, the founder of Instagram, Peyton Gelfuso, have been staring at the TV after being together.

There were rumors before the date that the two were dating. They are both students at Sierra Canyon School and have been spotted together on dates and going to basketball games together.

Bronny’s identity and loss of identity

Being a child of a famous country LeBron James and the promised heir to his basketball legacy means that Bronny’s private life is sometimes exposed and left for public scrutiny on platforms like social media.

It was not surprising, therefore, when on his high school night, Peyton Gelfisobecame the subject of bullish social media trolls.

However, why has he been bothered by this?

Why is Gelfiso being crushed?

There is no doubt that people would be jealous of someone like Gelfuso for being a McDonald’s All-American basketball player. Bronny James.

Many would queue up for a chance to be James’ girlfriend. But since he doesn’t get such a chance, he ends up chasing the lucky one, in this case, Gelfuso, recklessly.

Another reason for trampling is racism. Gelfiso is white, while James is Black. Moreso, James is seen as an example of what every young black man would aspire to be. Therefore, many racists would not be comfortable seeing the two together. This explains the amount of hate that is thrown at Gelfso because of his skin.

NBA Lakers LeBron James’ 17-year-old son Bronny is under fire for taking white girl Peyton Gelfso to his high school prom after sharing photos of the couple heading to the event in a $326,000 Mercedes AMG GT Coupe. https://t.co/X20UsDR9dH

Who is Peyton Gelfso?

Peyton Gelfso is an Instagram influencer who creates a buzz on the go by posting videos and photo updates on her Instagram account. By doing this, he has managed to grow more than 46.6 thousand followers on Instagram.

This includes being a multi-sport athlete who played soccer, beach volleyball and tennis in high school. There are many who despise him for no other reason than this, and they took the opportunity to oppress him.

Both Bronny and Peyton are still teenagers and deserve the right to privacy. Moreso, they are free to chat and socialize with whoever they want.

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