YouTube news won’t end on June 26

developers can say goodbye to News, since the service is killing its appearance. Starting June 26, it will no longer be possible to create a New YouTube Story. Any articles you post before that date will expire seven days after they are uploaded.

YouTube said it first at the end of 2017 that it’s testing features (funnily enough, YouTube Stories was originally called ). The platform changed its name and started form more deeply the following year.

We’ve seen a lot of social media integrate Stories over the past few years after Snapchat expanded the feature, especially Instagram. As is and However, YouTube stops taking its form.

Of course, YouTube probably doesn’t want all the Stories and features of TikTok , which isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The project also noted that developers can use Community posts to quickly share updates with their audience. YouTube said that, among creators who use “posts and Stories, posts on average drive more comments and likes than Stories.”

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