YouTube will allow unlimited simultaneous streams of NFL Sunday Ticket

People who register next season maybe don’t worry about missing a lot of games. Originally, YouTube planned to limit the number of simultaneous streams to two per subscriber, despite the fact that there are more NFL games than are regularly broadcast on Sundays. Having two streams seems like it won’t be enough for many fans. As such, YouTube is raising the bar to offer unlimited simultaneous streams.

“We’ve heard your feedback that the two streams that were available simultaneously were not enough for NFL Sunday Ticket, so we’re updating our functionality to include home viewing of NFL Sunday Ticket,” the YouTube TV team said. “You and your family can get two more streams.”

Like YouTube TV uses other identifiers, such as your network and location, to determine where a person is “home”. This, along with traffic restrictions, is helpful for YouTube to slow down account sharing.

Google announced late last year that it acquired permanent rights to Sunday Ticket for residential users starting in 2023. DirecTV is still a provider of Sunday Ticket for commercial use, such as in bars and restaurants.

it costs $249 for YouTube TV subscribers who sign up before June 6. It will cost more money for non-YouTube TV subscribers, who wait until June 6 and people who want to get NFL RedZone.

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