Yugabyte adds Kubernetes support to YugabyteDB 2.18

Yugabyte has added multiregion Kubernetes support along with recent updates to its open source distributed SQL database YugabyteDB 2.18.

This update, which is already available, adds Kubernetes support to the self-managed, database-as-a-service YugabyteDB Anywhere cluster.

To help businesses resolve conflicts when deploying Kubernetes, the company has added support for shared environments, additional backups, and five times faster backups, Yugabyte said.

“Multiregion, multicluster Kubernetes deployments are made easy through the integration of YugabyteDB’s native parallelism and Kubernetes Multicluster Service (MCS) APIssaid Yugabyte.

Businesses that need two datacenter configurations can improve and increase the capacity of xCluster asynchronous replication for Kubernetes, Yugabyte said, adding that it is also adding support Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE) to provide a wide variety of music platforms.

The update also includes YugabyteDB Everywhere’s intelligent advisor, which optimizes indexes, queries, and schema. Other improvements in self-driving, database-as-a-service include security and slow recovery with a time-saving feature.

The YugabyteDB 2.18 update also brings with it the availability of integrated tables, a new push for queries, and a complete overhaul that improves the performance of various applications, the company said.

YugabyteDB enables “colocation” of SQL tables, which allows closely related data in ‘collocated’ tables to be placed together in a single parent tablet called a “colocation tablet,” according to the company.

“Colocation enables the optimization of low-cost, high-performance data by reducing the need for additional network traffic. It also reduces the amount of creating a database for each relationship (tables, indexes, etc.) and storing it on each node,” the company added. blog post.

Complete preparation of compactionsaccording to Yugabyte, improve data performance and reduce space expansion.

In March, the company added new features line control feature etc. to YugabyteDB Managed.

In its final statement made available in June last year, the company added a a new mission called Voyager.

In May last year, the company was established Yugabyte 2.13which includes new features such as visual display, local timers for execution, and local backups.

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